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Synergistic Effects of Probiotics and Medicinal and Edible Plants

Abstract:Probiotics have the healthy functions of regulating intestinal microbial balance and strengthening immunity. The synergistic effects of probiotics and medicinal and edible plants were reviewed in three aspects, including: 1 The proliferation of probiotics was promoted by medicinal and edible plant; 2 Effective constituents of plants were absorbed by probiotics secreting enzymes; 3 New absorbent ingredients were produced, biological activities were enhanced, and side effects were reduced when medicinal and edible plants were fermented by probiotics. Sufficient viable count was necessary for probiotic products. The synbiotics producted combined with appropriate prebiotics, such as ingredients of medicinal and edible plants, could enhance the survival of probiotics and improve the functionality of probiotic products. Expect to exploit a new generation of synbiotics products with extract of medicinal and edible plant as prebiotics.

Keyword:probiotics; medicinal and edible plant; synergistic effects; prebiotics; synobiotics;

ΪһͨƳ΢ƽ΢Ƽ ڳ΢ƽ⡢ǿȽЧ𽥱֪ҹҵ320%ϣ 2016ȫѸǰ̬ƣ ̫ռȸߴ47%, ŷ ŷ15%, ŷ7% 16.5% ж 6.5% .“ƷѳΪʳƷҵת͵о̽”, ϴѧУйʳƷѧѧֻ³ڵʮ뽡ֻǽܡ

ھƷʵֹУ ؼDZȶԣ ﵽ㹻ܷ[1].ĿǰӦõķУû򹤳̶΢и졢䶳ǰ뱣ԻŻ䶳ͰԪƱԪкԪĿǰоȵ㣬 ҲDZ֤ΪЧķ֮һ[2-3], ҽʵԪԱ֤ĴͲƷȶ ƷĹ[4].

ԪԪĻƼ “ԪǿԶ߽Чͬʱɵڸ΢Ⱥһʳɷ” Ϲũ֯2007꣩ .Ŀǰ Ԫоý϶һЩԵ; շ͹ǡ;۰ǡ;ľǡ󶹵;ǡѿǵȣ ˮ α-嵰ף ׵ȣ β-Ͼǣ [5].ΪʳֲԴԪ[6-7]вҩԴԪ[8]б ʳֲʳȡĺԪƷҲ𽥽뱣Ʒг ȻԪ®ƬԴԴۡ

ҩʳͬԴֲ໥ԲЭͬã ΪҩʳͬԴֲΪԪĺԪƷṩݡ


ֲȡdz֮һ ֳõо϶࣬ 1.һҩʳͬԴԴԪ--Դĵ;۹ǣ ˫˾ֳӣ ǿĹԺͷʹ֮ΪһõȻʳƷ[9].

1ʾ ҩʳͬԴֲȡҺԲͬԴľһٽֳã ߣ 磺ֲ˾˾ͱֳԵĴٽã ֳԵ[13];ӽҺ˫˾ԵĴٽ[11], Ӥ˫˾һ[17];Ƥ˾дٽֳ[8], Ӥ˫˾Ӱ[17].ɼ ҩʳͬԴֲȡҺԲͬͬӰø졣

1 ҩʳͬԴֲҺ/ҺֳӰ

ֲȡܳΪԪ һѡԴ̼ǿĻԣ һ滹Ӧкá磺ʲݡƤܴٽ˾ ҶԳѪԴ󳦸˾[18];޲ȡҺ֤ ޲ȡҺܴٽ˫˾˾ ͬʱٽ˲ԭ󳦸˾[16], ˣ ޲ʲƱԪ

ֲȡﻯѧɷָӣ еĵʡ֬ȣ Ϊ̼ԴԴ ΪṩһӪʣел𵽻Ч Ϊṩȶp H;ࡢͻӷ͵ʿ² ΪṩռӪ[19].Ŀǰ о϶ͽΪǺͶɷ֡صĹЧо[20], 鶯ضλڵøˮβ-ռ ʳþеļʺβӵĶDzܱθգ ӶܱȺͣFeng Chen[21]֣ һЩβ-ռҩݻԴĶǣ 󶬶ǡ֥ǡ֥ǣ ڸɷּԽϴ Ҳϴ öȵͣ ǿԵڳ΢ȺĹɣ ˾/ھŵı Ĵл࣬ Ӷ滺֢ӦӰ죬 ǿáˣ β-ռҩʳͬԴֲǣ 轶[22]߶[23]ɿҩʳͬԴֲɫԪ⣬ ͬԴٽ˫˾ ѡԵ² ŻȺṹ ڳ΢̬ƽ⡣ûҪǣӵǻ뱻Ƶ²ϸĤ֬˫Ӳϣ ƻϸĤܣӿԲH2O2, ƻ΢ϸĤͨ͸ԣͨı䳦΢Ľṹ ΢лø෢ı䣬 Ӱ쳦ڷøӦ ˮøԭøתø ;ӻֽϳɲԸ ʹ΢øϵȱ޷ӦӻֱϾøתøBԭøø[24].


Ȼɷ֣ һֱֿӴ̼Ⱥ ڳȺĽṹ Ϊά״̬ṩӪһӪʻɷ֣ Ҫ΢øϵתգ Էԡ2090Сǹһ кҶзкõķкҶա«²ֽøתӦԪ Ųк[25], صĺоָ֧ͬ۶[21]:С޼Сԭø£ С޼ˮΪС޼ С޼屶 СںѸתΪԭͣ˲C-K˲ζ˲յҪл ˲ȡеRb1ͨС˾A-44Rb1ˮø β-D-ø ͬò˲Rd, ˲RdٴлΪ˲C-K.

о[21]:£ ֲе໯ͨ΢תΪ ͼ1 ;ҩʳͬԴֲƤеijƤջᾭƵĴл̣Ƥ ܿӵĶӣ ״˫˾˫˾תΪԽṹƤء໯еβ- ǣ ճɷ֣ ѱøֽ⣬ ֻɳϸˮл ֮ նԡһΪ ֬ɢҩڿĤת˵Ҫʽ໯֬Եͣ ת˵вλ ڵøˮΪԪ ȥǻ ԼС ֬ӣ ʹڵĿĤյʵ֣ԪСѪҺѭ á⣬ ཱུΪԪͬʱ ǣ Ϊҷֳ̼Դ ֲкеʡ֬ࡢ΢ԪغάصӪɷ֣ ΪṩӪҩʳͬԴֲﹲЭͬ[25].

ͼ1 Ⱥתֲɷֵʵ

ͼ1 Ⱥתֲɷֵʵ


΢ лָĻʣ 絰øøάøøøȣ Щøмкϳø зֽø Ƿ͹̷ѧӦʻЩøһӹЧɷֵȡʣάø¿Чɷֵܳ[26-27];ѱ˾ȡҺ໥ã ʹֶǵ111.9%[28].ڷ͹У ڳ¡ѹĽº½У ڱԵЧɷ֡һ棬 ͺµĻѧɷ֣ գ ǿ Ҹø٣絭 Ǵ󶹵ijӾͶɣ ͹̣ ɷ7, 4'-ǻͪ-7- գ 5, 7, 4'-ǻͪ-7- Ⱦľգ ȷ˱仯 תΪԪ[29];ԪиǿԣҾ㷢͵Ĵ󶹣 ζ ȫȥʳĵ;[30].

ص ȻֲҩʳͬԴֲ ͺ󳣱ֳԭػԣ ԭϸԽԣ ͬʱٽֳ ֳЭͬã۷ͻδ͵ĽԴٽ 𵽺ܺõĽ֬Ч[31];ֿܵ͸֬ʳµ֢Ӧ ͨѪڶغйأ ֤ ΢ﹹйأ Աȶ飬 Ӧ÷ͺͲͻ򵥶Ӧ÷˵İ߸֬ʳ֬ʳС˫˾ IJ͵İ޴[32];Bose[33]Ҳ֣ ֬ǽ鵼֢ģУ ͺİͰױⶹֳ׻ԣ ƷЧ죬 Ӧú ԽʹѪҺڶأ θͨ͸ԣ ٽ˾Ķֲ ֳԵĿ׻ԣ δ͵ȡӦ޴Ч

ijЩܸҩʳͬԴֲΪҩƼ“”ζ ֣ ӳƼıڡƽĸϷͣ ڴлпɲḻBάءᡢᡢء΢ԪءϸʵӪԴл ᡢᡢᡢ촼Ҵл͸߼ Լζ࣬ ᱽȷζʣ ᡢϸص־ܹ־ã ƼӷɷֹƼı[34].


ҩʳͬԴֲжǺͶȳɷ֣ ѡԴٽ˫˾ֳ ƷԸ죬 ٽͬʱ Ʋԭ΢ ɳΪԪҩʳͬԴֲøϵã ˹Ӫʣ Թֳֻã γѭбڵij ͼģ“θ”, ҩʳͬԴֲеЧɷַֽɿյСʣ ˹̲Ӫʣ ڳĴ ʱӦΪԪ ߹ ЭͬЧ ɷȻЧɷֵĹлԣ Ҳijߵáɼ ҩʳͬԴֲΪԪIJƷǾԽԵһԪƷ

ΪֵطҩʳͬԴֲЭͬã ԵƷ ɿ·棺 1 ѡȡʵҩʳͬԴֲԭϣҽ Եѡ Ƣθ֮ҩʳԭģ , ͬʱҪɷֶлõԭϣ 2 ѡȡкȶ꣺ѡȡҩʳֲԴٽöƲԭ΢ ҩʳԭӦʱ θ滷İȫꣻ 3 оʵIJƷպͲƷ壺ҩʳԭĻѧɷָӣ Ļϣ ӰĻ[35], ԿԿЧɷֵȡѡȡʵľԤͣ ҲɿúʵĸϺͰƼ/ֲԳɷֽаϱ[36].


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